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Dictionaries for dataprocessing


dictionary dataprocessing english french german spanish italian multilingual

Database with 29882 entries/translations in several languages covering the widespread field of dataprocessing.

  • At now the following languages are available: English, German, Italian, French and Spanish;
    any combinations for 2, 3, 4 or -at time- 5 languages are deliverable

  • Useful for specialists and professionals alike working in or for the computer-industry or only with the instrument computer, from desktop machines to portable devices.

Download sample MS-Access or Excel (sample from letter "g" - 450 entries)

dictionary dataprocessing english spanish
dictionary dataprocessing english french
dictionary dataprocessing english italian
dictionary dataprocessing english german
dictionary dataprocessing french spanish
English <-> Spanish

English <- > French
English <-> Italian
English <- > German
French <-> Spanish
dictionary dataprocessing french german
dictionary dataprocessing french italian
dictionary dataprocessing spanish italian
dictionary dataprocessing german spanish
dictionary dataprocessing german italian
French <- > German
French <-> Italian
Spanish <- > Italian
German <-> Spanish
German <- > Italian

  • License agreement (Dictionary dataprocessing)- for privat or commercial use:
    You can integrate the database in any application* and you can sell this application to other customers.

    The price for this license agreement is 290.00 € (plus tax/VAT) for one dictionary database (without further royalties). For example: Dictionary dataprocessing English to French or Spanish to Italian...

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Dataprocessing Dictionary French German, Dataprocessing Dictionary French Spanish, Dataprocessing Dictionary Italian English,
Dataprocessing Dictionary Spanish Italian
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